Our Makers

The working relationships we have developed with the various talented craftspeople behind our products truly lit up the task of building our first collection over the past few months. The passion of those involved, and the energy invested into the creative processes makes the end results even more special and worthwhile.

Bärbel, a wonderful and creative formulator originally from Leipzig, Germany has been involved from the earliest days . With a mutual interest in sustainability and circularity, we have been putting together a plan to develop a range of products using sustainable raw ingredients that can be wrapped in low-impact, compostable packaging. 

We also have  been very fortunate to involve another very talented and lovely artisan soapmaker, Linda - who is producing our gorgeous bath soaps, with some heavenly essential oil blends.  

Other commissioned artisans include Caitlin (of Bowbeer Designs), a highly creative ceramicist from Edinburgh who handthrows our soap dishes and candleholders, and Corina of Cotton Crochets, from London, who crafts beautifully crocheted personal care items. 

Our beeswax candles are produced by the community at the Camphill Village Trust in Yorkshire. Camphill support adults with learning and other disabilities to lead a life of opportunity, encouraging and empowering them to make informed life choices and contribute to society in a way that brings purpose and meaning. For more information, have a look at their website.  Our vegan rapeseed candles are handcrafted in Shmilau Germany by Lisa at Wild Candles. We are delighted to connect with Lisa as these are the most sustainable candles we could get our hands on!

Our handloomed bathsheets are ethically sourced by Rachel of Lüks Linen, a distributor of carefully selected beautiful artisan textiles from Turkey. A number of our brushes and organic cotton face cloths are skillfully made by Swedish brand Iris Hantverk, who employ visually impaired craftspeople to create high quality, durable homewares. The remainder of our brushes are produced in Germany, by Redecker, a highly renowned german brush manufacturer who have been creating beautiful brushes from sustainable raw materials since 1935.