Emma (founder) & Niamh (Production Manager)

Kelvin Apothecary: The Story Begins!

○°Kelvin Apothecary is LIVE!  A big warm welcome to all of you to our first collection:)

The inspiration behind Kelvin Apothecary came from my own personal frustration at the lack of options for sustainable shopping in Scotland. I wanted to create an offering that would inspire and encourage people to consume consiously and deliberately, ultimately putting people and planet first over profit.

Also, as a mother of two, I'm very aware importance of pure and natural solutions for soap products, especially when dealing with skin conditions like child excema as we experienced as a family. Not only do we have the opportunity be more mindful of the ingredients we use in our products for our skin's sake, we can also lower our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet's resources and inhabitants by doing so. We have created, and will continue to develop a range of high quality, natural and sustainable soap products in low-impact packaging which we think you will absolutely love.

Along with our handmade nourishing soap, we've put together a few 'essential luxuries', which we have created as a little antidote to what has been quite an extraordinary year for most.  We encourage you to take the time for self-care, relaxation; to remember the importance of quiet, mindful moments and to inspire your loved ones to do the same!

We hope you enjoy our introductory collection -  thank you for your interest and support, and we hope you enjoy coming with us on this adventure:)

Best wishes,

Emma (& the Kelvin Apothecary Team)♡

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