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The Horn Pocket Comb

The Horn Pocket Comb

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These pocket combs are crafted beautifully from cow horn, making each item uniquely special. Horn is incredibly durable and is a wonderful material to behold. The horn used in these combs is sourced from Nigerian cows and crafted by Abbeyhorn England, who ethically source and make use of a variety of natural raw materials to create these timeless pieces.

The cow horn sourced by Abbeyhorn is a byproduct of the meat industry and therefore the creation of these durable high-quality horn items prevents adding to the vast amount of waste the meat industry is responsible for. As a biodegradable and natural fabric, this comb makes a truly sustainable product.

Abbeyhorn, established in1749 in the County of Worcestershire have been crafting a wide range of horn products used far and wide, including gunpowder horns for the 18th-century wars. It is also said that Florence Nightingale's famous horn lamp was crafted at the horn works.

8cm long.



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