Project: Earth

Project: Earth

As we develop our sustainability strategy, we want to keep you, our customers and followers updated on our progress since our launch in November... 

Over the last since we've developed markers to help us decide what we are looking for when selecting products  (both our own creations/collaborations and those we have curated) and some showstoppers that would prevent us from selling a product (see our sustainability policy for more details of these).

We thought it would be a good idea to jot some of these down for you!

Sustainable Raw Ingredients

We want all our everything we sell to be fabricated from sustainable raw ingredients and processes, including our packaging.

We want to oppose the irresponsible and abhorrent destruction of rainforests, and therefore will not use palm or soy in our products or sell products containing palm or soy. According to various sources, at the moment, some of the palm oil farms with RSPO certification are not working in line with anti-deforestation policies, and we will therefore refrain from using this until we are absolutely certain things have improved. 

Compostable Packaging

Our goal is to offer a fully sustainable packaging policy. No plastic - nothing that can't be composted. 

We won't use glass in our 'own brand' single-use products. Despite glass being fully recyclable, there is the environmental impact of recycling to consider, as well as the question as to whether or not it will be recycled - which can be a problem either at the end-user point or even once the glass hits the recycling depot. We feel that we have to tread carefully with glass packaging, and have decided simply not to produce our own single-use products in glass for the simple reason that we'd rather not add to the current problem - this is why all our candles are made from moulds, rolled or hand-dipped.  We do however support a small number of Glasgow-based sustainable brands in our bricks-and-mortar store who use glassware - for which we offer a glass return service, where we will return all glasses brought back to our shop to the supplier for reuse. 

Promoting Circularity & Ethical Standards

In curating homewares, we consider factors such as the raw materials used, the well-being of the maker, the processes used to create the product, and finally, how the product will end its life - considering how the material can be recycled or how long it will take to decompose.

We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions - drop us a line or connect with us on Instagram. 

The Kelvin Apothecary Team


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